Oops.  It seems I haven’t posted in some time… let’s see if I remember how this whole thing works.

In the three months since I last posted, I’ve not been particularly active.  Despite the best efforts of my great physio at FASIC, my glute has continued to play up.  Fortunately, he’s also incredibly understanding and has me back running in what will hopefully prove a sustainable way, at least good enough to see me through Chicago in a little under five weeks.

Without the strengthening regime he’s had me on for the last few months, there’s not a chance I’d even be running a fraction of the time I’ve been able to.  Pre-Blackpool, any long run saw me miss three days of training – at least – because my gait was knackered.  Now, having taken time off in June and slowly phasing the running back in, I’m back up to running five days a week, the first time I’ve been able to say that since January.

It’s low intensity stuff, and frankly, the mileage is a long way off what a typical marathon plan should look like, but it’s progress.  To illustrate the point, here’s how weeks 1-8 of 12 have looked:

Week 1: 15km over 3 runs
Week 2: 11km over 2
Week 3: 21km over 3
Week 4: 38km over 5
Week 5: 42.8km over 5
Week 6: 49km over 5
Week 7: 0km (blasted hip issue that miraculously cleared up yesterday)
Week 8: 11km so far, commuting runs on Monday.

With a bit of luck I’ll get nearer 70km by week 10 before a short taper.  It’s going to be a painful day on October 8, isn’t it?

I hope I make it through that in one piece, because then it’s the Niagara Falls marathon the following weekend.  I loved the novelty of crossing the border from England to Wales and back again during Chester, so this one starting in the US and finishing in Canada is next level stuff!  Apparently the falls themselves are okay, too…

This is just a quick ‘hello’, but I plan to post up the next bit of the A Brief History later in the week.  In these darker times, the reminiscing is pretty uplifting.