Ah, it’s been a while.  I was going to write a review of last year, but that boat left the harbour an age ago; and besides, it’s all about looking forward.  Right?

Injury still plagues me a bit, so I’ve shifted the focus to keep my motivation up a bit.  Two things will drive me, with one a ‘short’ goal and the other more for the year.

  1. Run every day in January (at least three miles per day)
  2. Explore new places, including at least one new parkrun per month


I know there’s something similar going as a ‘trend’ thing for the month, but what hooked me was Coach Jan starting the #JanJANathon, complete with its own twitter page!  Having other folk from the club posting their updates on Twitter and Strava has been great, and even though it’s been nearly a year since I was along at a club session, I still feel involved.

It will also take my ‘most consecutive days’ record from a modest 22 (from last January, funnily enough) to 33, having run on 30/31 December as well.  Of course, the problem with streaks is they’re really difficult to end, and even on Day 14 (16) as I am just now, it’s an absolute habit already.

From a recent run at Portobello, credit to Andy McKay



In some ways, this takes care of itself.  I’ve got trips to Tiree (HM in May) and Santorini (small matter of my sister’s wedding) in the diary already, and signed up for the Glencoe marathon.

I’m also a slightly besotted with parkrun.  Now, I know of people recently who have/are tackling all the Scottish parkruns in a year; with 33 on the map currently and at least one more confirmed (Bressay, this weekend coming) that’s beyond me, but at one per month, it’s a scaled back challenge that will both mix things up and keep it enjoyable.  Something like a plan’s taking shape for H1:

Jan: Ruchill or Plean
Feb: Perth
Mar: Prudhoe Riverside
Apr: Bushy!
May: ?
June: A London run, possibly Old Deer Park or Wormwood Scrubs, because names

I’m looking forward to visiting new parts of the world, and the parkrun thing gives me an excuse to write up something fairly regularly where race reports are going to be sparse at best.

Oh yeah, and I’ve entered the ballot for New York.  I’d be okay with that.

Until next time!