If you were thinking “That’s taking the biscuit a bit, isn’t it?” when I wrote about the 2-mile race a few weeks back, I’ve only got one thing to say to you.


The injury troubles I’ve had over the last 18 months have meant recording personal bests are pretty difficult, but this series has presented me with two distances I’ve never raced before.  Free PBs!


Where the sun and the barbecues were out in force a fortnight ago, we had the Meadows Festival to compete with tonight with all sorts of music being pumped out that some people might have found motivating.  So that was nice.

I turned up at 6.45 pm, fuelled by coffee and armed with my £2 race entry.  Number pinned on, an easy mile warm up round the tennis courts to the start line, and it was time.

My race can best be summed up in three parts, like an good story (The Hobbit doesn’t count):

  1. Many attempts to dodge feet, bodies and generally not being able to get into my own stride.  This carried on probably until we got back parallel with the main road where;
  2. I impatiently put on a bit of a spurt, passing a handful of people and feeling like some kind of superhero all the way until;
  3. We turned away from the road, when it became all about hanging on!  My lungs hated me, my legs wouldn’t respond, and gradually I lost a few of the places I’d made up.

It’s funny when you prepare for a sprint finish only find absolutely nothing happens.  Oh well!

I crossed the line in 5:25.

Coincidentally, I finished in the same place as in the the 2-mile race; 33rd!  A slightly bigger field this time, 106, with the final finisher coming in at 9:10.  A good day for my club, too, with Corstorphine recording strong 2nd/3rd places.

Medals go to the first seven finishers (male and female) and first in each Vet age group.  I don’t know why seven, it just is.

Results, photos and even a video of the event courtesy of the Run and Become site here.  Thanks to the Sri Chinmoy races!

The series is great fun – if you like short term suffering – and it’s either a perfect chance to test out the training progress or use them as part of a bigger session.  The aren’t commonly available and that’s a huge part of the appeal for me.

I think there’s more to come, and there’s a few more to come through June & July.  Hopefully I can push towards 5:10.  There, I’ve said it.

That’ll do for now.  I’ll be back with a write-up of Lochore Meadows parkrun (from this morning) in a couple of days.  I’m becoming prolific.

Until then.