This’ll be short.

Poolbeg was the closest parkrun to my hotel and the RDS, home of the marathon expo, so the obvious choice for my Saturday morning fix.  And my first in Ireland.

Screenshot 2018-10-29 14.45.27

Route description
A sort of out and back.  Twice to the left, once to the right.

Course profile
Almost completely flat.  Slight incline on the ‘ow’ of Irishtown, and a sharper climb at the far right.

Mostly paved, light trail to the right.

Road shoes.

2/6.  That sharper climb accounts for most of this – but it is pretty short.  The loop on the second lap is much more noticeable.

This was an easy morning so no in depth talk about the run – I jogged the whole thing.  The path’s narrow so it could be bunched up; even taking it gently, I still took to the grass early on to pass people.

It also smelled a little funny.  It is near a big factory!  I can forgive it that though, because it is a nice setting.

The path to the left takes you out to the loop you do twice.  The path leading away is off to the start/finish, with the far end of the course just about visible below the power plant.

It was a nice day, too!  Crisp, but pretty perfect.  The run got started after a few shout outs, including to a bunch of the volunteers who were going to be tackling the marathon the next day.

The run itself was fine, just what was needed.  I might, if anything, gone a little too quickly at 23:22 but it didn’t do me any harm.

More importantly, here are more pictures:


*Also, credit to the parkrun guys for the cover photo – stolen from their facebook page!

Next up: Peebles parkrun (if I make it) and the Edinburgh Men’s 10k.  Both this coming weekend.